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Alu Rathbone
AluJacks... yeah... Jackson and I's celebrity couple name!
AluJacks... yeah... Jackson and I's celebrity couple name!
Alu Rathbone

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PostSubject: SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN!   SAVE MIDNIGHT SUN! Icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2008 2:25 am

We here at Aluna Rathbone are appaled that someone would actually go behind Stephenies back and leak out Midnight Sun.

We are also disappointed that Stephenie is considering not publishing the book at all and has since pu it off indefinately.

We would like to show our support for Stephenie and would also love to encourage her to continue writing Midnight Sun and all other books she is writing.

Please, help us with this project.

Project Save Midnight Sun!

We have set up a special email account for Save Midnight Sun.

Please send all letters to the following email:

I should tell you that I, Aluna, and the rest of the administrators here at Aluna Rathbone will be reading these so as to not send anything that would be considered hateful. That is not what this project is about. This is about encourageing her to continue.

Thank You.

The Administration.
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