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 Meet Marion

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PostSubject: Meet Marion   Meet Marion Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 4:18 am

Name: MarionReckling
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Medium length razor cut hair,that always falls infront of her right eye. People in Henderson have a tendancey to right away label her as the hardcore emo of the town but, she is nothing more than an artist. She enjoys drawing whats around her and making it into her own thing. She is always seen wearing either a uniquely styled tee or just a plain band shirt. Her curved hips are complimented by her holey jean that would fall off if she hadn't always wore a belt. Her eyes are a glistening hazel.

Meet Marion 628247dk156juqe1


Marion Reckling is a mere 17 year old girl who was born in the town of Henderson, Nv. She is always seen sitting out on a bench far from home. Marion's parents, August and Bill Reckling had been involved in a tragic accident. Neither one of them were wearing their seatbelts when a drunk driver hit them head on at 95 miles per hour. Instant Death.
Ever since the accident Marion felt so alone. She knew no family to stay with so she lived alone in the house for years. Up until now. She had decided since her 18th birthday was coming close she wanted to find out her families past.
She haas found a site that traces back centuries of families pasts. As she searched her name it had occured to her that her dad had once told her of one of her greater uncles. He had described him to her that he had medium length hair that always looked a mess. " Child O' mine, this uncle of yours isnt't as normal as you may think he is. His eyes glistened a golden yellow and underneath was a beautiful purple shadowing that looked as if he hadnt gotten sleep in weeks. His skin was as pale as I had ever seen in my days." My father had described what I used to read about, these beautiful creatures we like to call...vampires. " Do not argue with me child, for there are NO such things as vampires. Your uncle is dead and thats that. Now sleep child O' mine."
I had found out his name. my Uncle.
Jasper Hale. He was last seenin Forks, Washington over hundreds of years ago.

June 27th 2008:

I have arrived in Forks.
Jasper Hale I know your alive. I wont beliieve the bullshit my father has told me over the past years. Hes gone now, he cant stop me, I will find you. Prove to myself that your alive and that vampires are real!

As my search is just starting I will also have to search for a place to stay besides the inside of my pick up truck. Maybe I can get a job at that sports shop I just past.

June 28th 2008

I realize that not only am I in search for my Uncle Jasper but fore something else, something I should be running from and not throwing myself at. Back when I was smaller, I had felt I was being followed. Not in a good way though. Everyday when I were to walk home from school I could sense a guy following me but I could never turn around fast enough to see him. Until that day came, I was 12 and walking home like I normally did and a guy in a hooded sweater crossed pathswith me. He had slightly looked at me and grinned. As the sunlight hit his cheek he glistened. His eyes were a golden yellow as had purple shadowing beneath. As he passed I heard a slight whisper " O' Child the blood of you smells so innocent and sweet. It shall be drained of when you have matured fully. On the night of your 18th birthday. Newborn you shall become."

1 month till the night I turn 18. What shall be done? Hopefully I will find my Uncle Jasper by the night of my birthday.
That man for that day. He is the one who causes my nightmares but, he is the one that made me believe vampires are real so I give him my heart for that.

Looking back at the notes in my glove compartment.

" I watch your every move.
Watch as you sleep.
I haunt you in your dreams
as you fill my head.
To change you when you mature but as I watch you more.
I fall deeply
Into your hazel eyes.
Maybe you'll be spared?
Don't get your hopes to high."
-- Your vampire stalker"

Is this vampire falling for me? The thought of it drains the bad thoughts that he had put in my head. He could be playing me though.

The days draw nearer and my fear drowns me alive.

Will I be spared?
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Alu Rathbone
AluJacks... yeah... Jackson and I's celebrity couple name!
AluJacks... yeah... Jackson and I's celebrity couple name!
Alu Rathbone

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PostSubject: Re: Meet Marion   Meet Marion Icon_minitimeFri Aug 29, 2008 6:13 pm

you are free to rp

Meet Marion Jackson-3Meet Marion M_6e3962c666d9ef65804a4be514834134Meet Marion Thjackson9

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Yeah... he's that important!

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Meet Marion
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