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 September: The Poison Apples & Model

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AluJacks... yeah... Jackson and I's celebrity couple name!
AluJacks... yeah... Jackson and I's celebrity couple name!
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September: The Poison Apples & Model Empty
PostSubject: September: The Poison Apples & Model   September: The Poison Apples & Model Icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2008 2:09 am

Septembers Book: The Poison Apples by Lily Archer and Model : A Memoir by Cheryl Diamond

The Poison Apple
By: Lily Archer

From Alice, Reena, and Molly meet at an elite boarding school in rural Massachusetts. It takes them a while to realize that they've all landed there primarily because of their wicked stepmothers, but once discovered, this fact binds them in friendship and their shared desire to exact revenge on the new women in their lives during Thanksgiving break. Because readers see them only from the girls' viewpoints, the insensitivity and self-absorption of their stepmothers are stupendously exaggerated—as is the cluelessness of their fathers. This does provide ample scope for humor, however, and allows the girls to have changes of heart as their perceptions mature a tad. Not essential, but good fun.—Miriam Lang Budin, Chappaqua Public Library, NY

Model: A Memoir
By: Cheryl Diamond

Every year, hundreds of the most beautiful people in the world come to New York to become models. At age fourteen, Cheryl Diamond was one of them. Living on her own in a run-down apartment, Cheryl spent her days on go-sees, runways, and shoots, surviving hand-to-mouth, while taking in everything she could about the tough and sleazy modeling industry. She watched other girls make mistakes, and swore she wouldn't be a victim...until a career-altering event changed her life and nearly ruined her shot at her dream. This is the riveting, true account of Cheryl's triumphant rise, disastrous fall, and phoenix-like comeback in one of the hottest and most demanding industries in the world.

read one or both books! We'll have a discussion all month on both!
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September: The Poison Apples & Model
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